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The Oozlum Bird

Mild Steel



In 2014 I was commissioned by The Woodland Trust Scotland to create a sculpture which would be installed in Bellsquarry Wood, Livingston, as part of a sculpture trail which they are developing to encourage more visitors.


I designed a steel sculpture in the abstracted form of a bird in flight. A simple wind vane mechanism was incorporated into the work which allowed it to gently rotate, interacting with shifting weather conditions.


With its slight movement and bold silhouette, The Oozlum Bird slowly emerges from its treetop surroundings before vanishing back into the angular branches in which it resides.


For more insight into the creation of the sculpture you can click here to purchase a short book I made to document my process.

Installed - Bellsquarry Wood, Livingston 

Click here to purchase a short book I made to document the creation and installation of The Oozlum Bird.

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