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International Art Space 


Kraków 2015

A collaborative project by myself, Calum MacGillivray, Lotte Fisher, Jack Bishop, Koren Dumbleton and Meadhbh Nic Nuadhait


IAS Blog



We perceive a pressure within the art world to exhibit internationally, accumulating accolades and appealing to a widespread demographic. Regardless of how the work is received, exhibiting in a well-known city or venue is enough to create a myth of success.


International Art Space, a portable gallery, acts as a vehicle to encourage this illusion. With next to no requirement, any artist can include themselves in the list of alumni and contribute to the ambitious journey of this institution. As the list of participants grows, so too does the prestige of the IAS. After an artist has displayed work in the space, they must forward the gallery to its new site, thereby lengthening the list of international locations.


The International Art Space, first and foremost, values its list of venues and alumni. The work of the represented artists is a mere formality, enabling the true function of the space – to disperse and hyperbolise its own legacy. Perpetually unclaimed, the space moves from country to country without predetermined destination.



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