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'We Know Not What We Do', 2016

The Bakery is a collective of recent graduates from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee.


‘Give Me The Sun’ explores the divide between expectation and reality and includes individual responses to the title as well as work made collaboratively. Working across a range of media The Bakery examine their subject matter playfully through the use of abstraction and fiction.



The Nothing Shower / Golden Apples of The Sun, audio, made using field recordings collected whilst on residencies in Florence and Arbroath.

Crepi Il Lupo / May The Wolf Die, arrow-pierced wooden shield with red velvet

We Know Not What We Do

A bespoke display cabinet housing my grandfather's quiver of arrows and my own Action Man bow. When I was a child I would fire the real arrows using my toy bow into the hallway walls when my parents were out.

Birch plywood, hand painted wallpaper, brass hooks, hinges & toggle latches.

Just Symbols - Triptych, ink and watercolour 

Golden Apples of The Sun

Thunk - Collaboration

Don't Ask - Collaboration

Wolf At The Door - Collaboration

Jack Bishop, Lotte Fisher, Koren Heydon-Dumbleton, Calum MacGillivray, David Evan Mackay, Meadhbh Nic Nuadhait

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